Tax Information

Property Tax Bills

Property Tax Bills are mailed twice each year. The State Education Tax bill, as well as the county's tax bill, is sent out on July 1 and is due September 14 in order to avoid any interest penalty. Winter Property Taxes (township, local school taxes) are payable from December 1 through the end of township business hours on the last day of February. Mayfield Township cannot accept  past-due property tax payments after the last day of February and has no authority to waive any part of the tax, penalty, interest, or any other related fee. Contact the COUNTY Treasurer for delinquent tax information.

Drop Box Payment

A drop box is located at the main entrance to the Mayfield Township Offices. Prepare your payment as if you were going to mail it, then deposit your payment in the drop box at your convenience. Do not deposit cash in the drop box.


Please write your telephone number and your Property I.D. Number on your check for reference. Payment will be recorded on the date received - not the date it is postmarked or the date the check is written. Payments deposited in the drop box at the main entrance of the Township Hall are posted the day they are removed from the box. Do not deposit cash in the drop box. Checks are accepted only as a conditional payment. If not honored by the bank, the tax is unpaid and subject to penalties and interest.

To Pay by Mail
Make checks payable and mail to:

Mayfield Township Treasurer, 1900 N. Saginaw Rd., Lapeer, MI 48446.
Postmarks not accepted as on time payment.

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Name and Address Change Requests
Change of name and/or address should be promptly reported. If you have sold your property and received a statement in error, please forward the statement to the new owner or return it to the Treasurer's Office with correction(s) of name and/or address.

Errors and Omissions

Please examine your tax bill closely to ensure accuracy. Please notify our office of any errors as soon as possible. Clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact and omitted homestead exemptions may be corrected at the July or December meeting of the Board of Review, provided the township is notified of the error prior to the meeting. After this meeting is held, errors on the tax bill cannot be corrected until the following year. Failure to receive your tax bill does not waive interest and/or penalties.

To Pay in Person

Bring your tax bill to the Township Offices along with payment. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. A drop box is available at the main entrance to the Township Hall for after-hours payments.

To Pay Online
Click HERE to access the online tax payment system.