Public Safety

In 1988, Mayfield Township and the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department entered into a contract for one full-time police officer to patrol the township. Today, Mayfield Township has four full-time contract deputies, providing township residents with nearly 24-hour police protection.

Mayfield Township provides the officers with office space at the township hall, including technology linking them directly to the Sheriff’s Department. This allows the officers to report directly to the township hall, improving response time to township neighborhoods.

Officers are employed by the County Sheriff. They are dispatched from a central dispatch center, not from the township hall.
In an emergency, call 911 - never call the township hall in an emergency!

As a founding member of the Lapeer Area Ambulance Service (now known as Lapeer County EMS), Mayfield Township has provided the community with qualified, professional and reliable emergency medical service for decades.

Police Patrol

Fire Protection Service

Mayfield Township provides fire protection services by contract with the City of Lapeer. As a neighbor to the city, the township has great opportunity to provide residents with urban-type services without the burden of additional taxes.

Ambulance Service

The cost of a fire run is charged to the owner of the property being protected by the fire department, not the individual who calls the fire department. The cost of a full residential fire response is $2,500.00 Commercial, industrial, car accidents, and other response fees vary. Contact the township for current rates.

Contact your insurance provider to ensure you are covered for the full cost of a fire run.