DuPont-Lapeer Airport

Built by Frank Williamson and Harold Upper at the end of World War II, the DuPont-Lapeer Airport is a community landmark.

The facility was the Lapeer area’s only airport long before it was purchased by the G. B. DuPont Company in 1956. The land on which the airport is located was once used for homes and small farms, including the home of John B. Evans, who was one of Mayfield Township’s founding fathers.

On August 1, 1996, Mayfield Township became the owner of the DuPont-Lapeer Airport, with a purchase made possible with the assistance of the Michigan Bureau of Aeronautics. The acquisition was part of the Bureau’s state-wide airport preservation program, which was designed to ensure that private airports, serving commercial and industrial growth areas, do not close due to rising land values or pressure from real estate development.

Ninety percent of the $2.2 million purchase was obtained from the Federal Aviation Trust Fund, 5% from Michigan taxes on aircraft fuel and registrations and 5% from the township. The township’s portion was paid via a donation from the DuPont Family. Their donation included an additional $60,000 to establish an airport operating fund for the township.

Since township acquisition, the airport has been self-supporting and has not required any taxpayer funding.

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