Mayfield Township has no legal authority or jurisdiction over our public road system. The township cannot perform work within the public road right-of-way and does not grade, plow, patch or conduct any other maintenance or improvement activities on public roads, including the removal of trees. ALL public road projects are under the control of the  Lapeer County Road Commission.

Under Michigan Law (PA51 of 1951), Mayfield Township has no obligation to maintain public roads. Unlike cities and villages, townships do not receive any portion of the State Gas Tax for local road maintenance, yet Mayfield Township voluntarily contributes a great deal of money, each year, toward local road improvement projects.

Gas taxes and township contributions fund the Lapeer County Road Commission. Property taxes do not fund road work. With continuing funding cuts in Lansing, townships are receiving less money from the state. If this continues, Mayfield Township may be required to reduce its contribution toward local road projects.

If you live, or own property, on a private road, it is your responsibility to be aware of your obligation toward the maintenance and/or improvement of the road. Private roads are private property. Neither the township, nor the road commission, are permitted to maintain, repair or improve private roads. Mobile home park streets are private roads.

All public road concerns and complaints should be directed to the
Lapeer County Road Commission. Click below to visit their web site: